The Road To Becoming A Professional Poker Player

We all would love to the live the high life of a professional poker player, playing the game for a living, and enjoying the glamour that comes with that.

Travelling around the globe to play in some of the best tournaments in the world, and pitting yourself against the best out there, is the dream so many of us have.

But how do we make the dream reality and become a professional poker player? Sadly, there is no graduation scheme that leads you to becoming a professional; neither is there anything to stop anyone from living the dream and making it as a pro and playing in the world series of poker.

It's a fabulous lifestyle to live, picking your own hours, meeting people from all over the world and the fame that is attached to the world's best players these days.

We have to be realistic though, only a select few make it to the top and earn the large stacks of money that winning the big tournaments reward.

Playing low-limit and online games is usually the starting block for all players. Hour after hour of game-play is all experience and will hopefully increase your bankroll for bigger events and improve your online poker strategy. However, it is essential that you bear in mind that the risks are high for those who are willing to give everything they have in an attempt to make it as a pro.

There is no guarantee any money can be made as there is no hourly rate or salary involved in the game. Some kind of bankroll is needed from the start to travel and enter tournaments. A sacrifice with regards to your current job may also need to be made to allow you to search for your dream.