The Hourly Rate of Pay

The Hourly Rate Of PayYou cannot manage what you cannot measure; in business, trade unions are always trying to increase the minimum hourly rate of pay for their members, while business owners are often trying to maintain the status quo.

If you can take action to increase your hourly rate of pay by producing the same output, then you are on a winner.

If you are playing poker on a semi-professional or professional level, then you need to learn to measure your performance by how much you expect to earn from your poker tournaments per hour.

Once you understand what your expected hourly rate of pay is, you need to bear this in mind when playing - at all times.

Poker players earn money through small edges that accumulate over the long run. This means there will be periods of time where even the very best lose and lose often.

It is vital that these players reframe the situation and remind themselves that they are still earning an hourly rate of pay irrespective of the current downswing. This critical point will reduce tilt induced periods of play that worsen the downswing.

Your hourly rate of pay is created by the mistakes your opponents make if they were to make worse decisions whilst holding the same hand as you.

Once you deduct the rake or juice from your regular game, then this is your hourly rate of pay.

If you play predominantly online, then there are various software systems that can be purchased to calculate your hourly rate of pay without you even having to think about it.