Simple Poker

You are sat in your living room and Tony G has you on the edge of your seat. He is shouting and screaming at everyone. He has seven-deuce and he has just check-raise shoved the river with absolutely nothing but the insides of a balloon. His opponent folds and you put your wages in your pocket, head out of the door, jump in the car, walk into the casino, act out your very best Tony G impression, lose all of your dough and get a good kicking on the way to your car!

Keep it simple

Television is edited to provide you with the most entertaining parts of the game. 14 hours of rubbish condensed into 45-minutes of par-excellence. If you spend 14-hours sat next to Tony G, and watched him playing poker, you would realise that for 13hrs and 30mins of it, he is as bored as your wife when you have the football on the TV on a Sunday afternoon.

The top quality players in the game all know this. They have a very successful strategy and it is to play poker in a very simple manner. Leave the check raising and seven bet bluffing to the wannabe-superstars. Simple poker is the way of life for most of the games top pros.

Ask yourself simple questions and you will find the simple answers drive your next decision. Do I have the best hand? Yes…then raise…No…then fold. It is simple questions like this that will make you a winning player. Play simple poker not the condensed version of Tony G poker.

Written by Alex, who loves all things bingo related and blogs about it regularly. She tries to play UK bingo at Wink whenever she has time and writes about her experiences in her blog.