Poker Guide

Poker: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Poker is an extremely popular game amongst players worldwide. It is an enticing game consisting of strategy, skill and luck with great rewards. Many players have visited Poker rooms that are listed on Gambling Set. There is something intriguing and captivating about Poker, and its unknown origins add an aura of mystery and charm.

Video Poker TableScientists believe that the German games Pochspiel, Persian Nas, French Brelan, Renaissance Primero and even the English Brag could have been the ancestors of modern Poker. Despite its vague beginnings, Poker has become legendary in the gambling world. Since 1829, the game was first reported as been played in New Orleans, and has made its way up the popularity scale in the USA. There have been a few changes to the game of Poker through the years. The full 52 card deck came into use, instead of the initial 20 card deck. Draw Poker, Stud Poker, and the Straight were introduced, and later Split-Pot, Lowball, Community and Wild Cards were included. Many version of Poker have been developed and all of them are still in demand.

Poker Games

There are so many versions of Poker available, and are guaranteed to suit every players taste. The three most popular versions amongst players are Draw Poker, Stud Poker and Community Card Poker. Video poker and online Poker are also very popular amongst players, and the basics are all the same. The aim is for players to get the highest hand possible in a game, and place a bet on it. The rules may vary from one Poker game to another, but strategy, skill, and the art of bluffing is what gives players the extra edge in a game.

Video Poker

Video Poker is based on the five-card draw variant and played on machines, similar to slots, since the seventies. Instead of players sitting down at a Poker table with other players, they now see it all happen on the screen of the slot machine. The house edge is much lower but the winnings are huge. In Video Poker a players skills will blend in perfectly with luck.

Online Poker: the Future of Poker

Modern technologies have influenced all aspects of our lives, and Poker is no exception. The Internet has made online poker much more interesting and exciting for players worldwide. Previously, gamblers could only play Poker by visiting land based casinos, which used to be quite the norm, but impossible for some gamblers. Since Video Poker was introduced it has become increasingly popular, thanks to the wide access, high speed and availability of the Internet. Now online Poker is available to players all over the world. Online Poker dates back to 1998, and reached its milestone in 2002 with the broadcasting of the World Poker Tour and the Poker World Series. Online Poker hasn’t been around for that long, but has definitely reached great heights. It has shown rapid development as one of the major gambling sectors, and there is no evident signs of it ever slowing down.