If You Are Going to Call Then Why Not Bet

Poker is like a school playground where the more aggressive kids seem to thrive around the more passive counterparts. I am not talking about being a bully because they are the lowest of the low, but standing your ground and being strong is a sign of aggression as well.

If You Are Going to Call Then Why Not Bet

If you analyse all of the world’s greatest poker players, you will find a lot of similarities, and one of those similarities will be aggression. Aggression makes things happen that may not have otherwise happened, aggression is intimidating and aggression is scary.

If you find yourself out of position and are considering the check-call line. Stop, think and ask yourself the question. Is a more aggressive line a better choice? Often in these situations you will gain so much more by betting in this spot, so much more by being the aggressor. By betting you put yourself in the driving seat. You are telling your opponent that you are in control of this hand. You are the player calling the shots.

Not only is the act of betting intimidating in the context of one single hand but accumulatively it is a highly affective way of getting underneath an opponents skin, rubbing their bare bones. The general aura of aggressiveness can create fear and fear is a roadblock. If you can successfully put up roadblocks and stop your opponent’s progress then you are going to be in a much stronger position.

Written by Alex, who loves nothing more than to play online casino games when time allows. She's also a keen blogger and often regales her gaming experiences to her avid readers.