How to Pick a Fight

For most youngsters growing up in the world they are not taught how to fight. Instead you learn to develop your own social senses as you go through school. These senses will give you a pretty good sense of who needs avoiding when confrontation looms large. You don't want to pick a fight with a seven-foot monster built like the back of a fire truck for example.

Poker is the same as life when it comes to confrontations. In both life and poker there will be weak people and strong people. Both are pretty harsh places at times as well. In poker you are there to earn money and that money comes from the weak players - the weaker the better. When you are learning how to play poker you do not want to start butting heads with the most aggressive person at the table. What is the point? Since when has poker given out its rewards in ego points instead of cold hard cash?

Strength versus strength just isn’t a good strategy. Imagine two Pit Bull terriers fighting against each other, one is going to probably die and the other will be horrifically wounded. The same is true of poker, whether it’s Texas Holdem or Omaha poker you’re playing. It might be an amazing spectacle to watch but it is just not a clever idea.

If the best game in your local neighbourhood is a game full of weak-passive grandparents then get in there and start knocking them about the felt. Winning money without expanding too much thought and energy is a smart move. Picking a fight against a Pit Bull Terrier is not.