How To Deal With A Cold Streak

If you do not know what a cold streak feels like then you had better work it out and work it out soon. Recognising when your cold streak has kicked in and understanding how to act when it does is vital for any winning poker player.

His face is as bright as a beetroot, beads of sweat trickle down the side of his head like lost pearls, he is grinding his teeth, his arms are crossed and he hasn’t said a word to anyone in the last hour. Everyone at the table can see this except one – himself! This even happens when you play Poker online.

This is the face of a player who is not having the greatest of times out there. This is the face of a player on a cold streak. In parallel to his facial expression are his actions. He is playing in every single pot and he is losing more than he is winning. Each lost pot is followed by another lost bead of sweat and more gnashing of the teeth. It won't be soon before his whole Free Online Poker Bonus is gone.

When a player is running this cold they need to listen to their body and recognise what the changes mean. Instead of playing more hands the player should be playing fewer hands. The very top players in the game are in tune with their bodies. They can see a cold streak before it has even brought itself into view.

So when you are next playing, pay attention to your body. If you are on a cold streak your body will tell you. Then either tighten up or get out of the game, only to return when the cold dissipates and is replaced by searing heat.