Fit or Fold Poker

When you start out in the world of poker everyone is trying to tell you not to play fit or fold.

"It is too transparent!"

"They will see straight through you!"

Fit or Fold PokerAs usual with poker there is not one exact way of playing. Sometimes playing fit or fold poker is good and sometimes it is not. Here is a really good example and everyone would have been in a game with this type of player. The guy is called Andrew Aces and he is called this because he only ever raises with aces. You are in a hand with Andrew Aces and you are playing deep stacked poker. You make a raise and Andrew Aces comes into the pot with a three-bet. Against this type of player you could argue that calling with any two cards and playing fit or fold poker is a good strategy. You simply do not lose that much money when you consider the fact that you are going to stack him when you hit your two-pair or set.

Now if you compare this example with the example of playing against someone with a wide range of hands, playing fit or fold poker will be committing Harakiri.

So, as is so often the case in poker, making a decision to play fit or fold poker is a decision made based on the tendencies of each opponent. Don’t rule it out and don’t rule it in, because if you do you are just playing fit or fold yourself!

This article was written by Alex, who loves to Play Posh Bingo online. When she's not trying her hand at the latest casino games, you'll find her updating her blog, detailing her wins and losses.