Bingo Widowers vs. Poker Widows

You'll read elsewhere on this site about the possibilities in store for all those downtrodden poker widows out there. But how about the Bingo widowers; how should we fill our time? Well one answer is by playing a little online poker and seeing who comes out ahead in the cash stakes – or how about bringing both worlds into line with a poker-themed Bingo game? Perhaps not! But it is true that the majority of online gamers are female Bingo players. Even with the gradual move away from the traditional physical Bingo hall of old to the online age – somewhere in the region of eighty per cent of all online Bingo players are drawn from the fairer sex.

Bingo And Poker WidowersOn the flipside – poker players are even more predominantly male – so there's an overall balance though the sheer numbers of online Bingo players sway things that way a little.

This imbalance between the two main online games epitomises the differences between the sexes. Probability-wise, Bingo makes little sense. The returns are pretty poor on average, unlike online poker and poker tournaments where the house edge – or take - is far more reasonable. Also, poker is all about strategy and judgement. It's a complex game that calls for strong characters concentrating hard – and trying to beat one another in fair competition. Bingo is none of these things. It's purely down to luck. This demonstrates the differences; ladies like to talk with each other whilst carrying out a more mindless task, whereas men like to concentrate fully on the task and aren't interested in the chat; it's evolutionary.

These are sweeping generalisations of course – but we all know there's quite a bit of truth in them. In the UK, for example, one of the most popular Bingo sites is actually named Chitchat and prides itself on being as much of a social forum as a gaming platform – so which sex is this site predominantly aimed at? You've guessed it!