Bingo Superstitions

Most poker aficionados are well aware of the superstitions surrounding their favourite pastime. The unluckiest seat in poker tournaments is said to be the one with its back to a fireplace, whilst its opposite is supposedly the seat facing the door.

Bingo Superstitions

Players are also said to be able to change the run of the poker cards by walking around their chairs three times.

There's no logic in any of this, of course, but superstitions are superstitions.

When it comes to Bingo superstitions, there are myriad versions – but most are unique to the individual. But Bingo is different. Most players who play aren't really serious gamblers. The odds are stacked well in favour of the house and nearly all players know this and don't particularly care. They're playing for the sheer enjoyment of the game and to socialise with friends. In fact, with some of the world's most popular online Bingo sites such as Chitchat, the entire emphasis is on socialisation. But just because that is the case, it doesn't stop the superstitions from dominating the game for those who believe in the ability to influence random luck.

For example, statistics show that 75% of Bingo players carry good-luck charms of some sort or another. And one of the unwritten rules here is that lucky charms should be prominently displayed during Bingo. So in days gone by, Bingo tables would be cluttered with everything from lucky trinkets to four-leaf clover key rings, rabbit's feet, cuddly toys; you name it; you'd find it on the Bingo hall tables.

Similarly, players considered certain seats to be luckier than others; woe-betide any hapless newcomer to the hall sitting in the wrong seat by accident.

Then there are the Bingo players who consider certain moneys to be luckier than others – or patterns etc., placing their lucky coins in a certain pattern across the top of their cards, for example. Meanwhile – other players wouldn't dream of leaving cash on the table, considering that to produce a little bad karma.

Quite what the superstitions of Bingo are in the online age is more difficult to gauge – but we're willing to bet there are quite a few lucky charms and cuddly toys attached to computer screens all around the world.