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Poker Terminology

Ever wondered what the various terms in poker stand for?

The General section has explanations for the general terminology used in poker.

The Texas Hold'em Section contains information relative to Texas Hold'em Poker .


General Terminology
To act in poker is to make a play, in other words you either call, raise, bet or fold when it is your turn.


General Terminology
Action refers to when it is the players turn to act, i.e. "The action is on John to act"

Active Player

General Terminology
An Active player is a player that is still involved in the current game, in other words he hasn't folded.


General Terminology
An Add-On is when a player has lost all the money that he has brought to the table, and then "buys" more chips to with at the table. Usually in tournaments, players can Add-On once.

All In

General Terminology
When a player goes All-In, he puts all the chips that he has at the table into the pot for that round.


General Terminology
The ante is made at the beginning of the game. It is a "buy-In" into the game. It is commonly used to start the pot with. Some poker rooms do not have antes.

Bank Roll

General Terminology
A player's bank roll is the amount of money that he has to wager for the duration of his poker career.


General Terminology
A bet in poker is when money is added to the pot, be it with a blind bet, call or raise.


General Terminology

A blind is a forced bet. In many poker games there are usually two forced bets, the small blind and big blind.

The small blind is usually the table lower limit and the big blind the table high limit.

The small blind is usually made by the person that sits to the left of the dealer for that round, and the big blind is made by the player sitting to the left small blind. 

This might seem unfair, but the dealer chip rotates clockwise after each game, so every player will at some stage have to post either the small or big blind. 



General Terminology

To bluff in poker is to make the other players think you have a better hand than you really do.
It is often done get other players to fold when you have an inferior hand. 

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